Going Hunting ~ Flash Fiction

January 11th, 2013 by Theresa

“The first time I met her was in the woods.” Jeb checked the sight on his rifle. Once satisfied, he loaded it carefully.

“Yeah? What she promise you?” Sully watched his brother warily. The woman in the woods had a reputation for making promises and delivering – for a price. Jeb smiled coldly. Sully manoeuvred his wheelchair from behind his desk to face his brother at the gun safe. “Jeb? What the hell man? What she promise you?”

“Nothing I wanted. Nothing she could give me.”

Sully swore. “That ain’t an answer, man. You know damn well she ain’t no witch or shaman. She’s a demon!” He wheeled his chair behind Jeb to block his way. “What did you give your soul for? For me to walk again? For Mom and Dad to come back from the grave?  What?”

Jeb just smiled coldly again. He knelt down to look his brother in the eye. “She offered to bring back Lisa.”

Sully sat stunned. Lisa was beyond gone. No one could bring her back. Jeb’s wife had sold her soul long ago to another demon in an effort to save her husband from the ravages of cancer.

“I asked to think about it.” Jeb stood and dug in his pocket pulling out a pouch. “Talked to a few witches, holy people and shamans. Gonna take care of this problem once and for all. Sealing the portal tonight.”

“And the demon?” Sully watched his brother stand. Jeb just smiled again.

“I’m going hunting.”



As appeared on Thursday Threads with Siobahn Muir Honorable Mention