Job’s Done ~ Flash Fiction

September 14th, 2013 by Theresa

Jen spat blood and tested the links that chained her to the chair.  She made a show of running her tongue over her teeth to test their looseness.  She looked up to her captor who readied to deliver a second blow.

“You will die tonight,” the vampire spat. The creature made a show of descending her fangs.  Jen rolled her eyes.

“Sophie?  You know,” Jen said casually, “that trapping me in my own home was a bad idea, right?”

“I will feast on your blood.  Tomorrow, I’ll bring your corpse to master as a prize,” Sophie purred as she rocked Jen’s body with another punch.

“Your Master?” Jen wheezed as she glanced as the clock and the shuttered windows. “Venari? That’s what this is all about?” Blood dribbling from her nose, she laughed weakly. “Jeez. You’re just jealous! Wow! Look lady, he came to my house to order a hit, not hit on me.”

“You’re an assassin?” Sophie asked with a laugh. “A puny human like you?”

Jen joined her in laughter as she watched the clock.  A faint alarm went off in another room.  Jen continued to laugh as the shutters opened automatically and daylight poured into the room.  She giggled as the vampire went up in flames.

Jen twisted her wrist and slipped out of the chains.  Getting up, she wiped her nose on her sleeve and dug her cellphone from her purse at the front door.  She dialled quickly and smiled when the line connected.

“It’s done.”




As seen on Siobhan Muir’s Thursday Threads ~ WINNER!

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