Is He Serious? ~ Flash Fiction

August 13th, 2012 by Theresa

Is he serious?  I thought looking up from my bloodied knees.  I stood slowly with shaky hands out to my side.  “Honey?” I said softly, “Don’t do this.”

“I’ll be fine, love,”   he said. Hands down to his side, my lover merely smiled at the gun pointed to his face.  “He pushed you down, stole your purse is now demanding that I give over the ring I want to marry you with.  When I’ve taken care of this nuisance, we’ll have to finish our conversation. You were going to tell me something, remember?”

He was serious. Oh hell.  Was all that talk about being a super soldier and a spy true? Was he delusional? I took a breath. His confidence poured off him like fountain of cool water.  Only crazy people were that calm under pressure – or he was telling the truth.

“Fine,” I said.  “You take care of this, quietly, without killing anyone AND with no trace back to you?  I’ll tell you whatever you wish to hear.”

It was over in less than twenty seconds. Before I knew it, our assailant was disarmed, knocked unconscious and tucked behind a dumpster with the gun dumped in another bin. He retrieved my purse and handed it back to me.

“There,” he said dusting himself off. “No prints, no fuss, no muss. Now, I believe we were right about here.”  He got down on one knee and pulled out ring with a giant ruby. “Will you marry me?”

As appeared on Thursday Threads with Siobhan Muir

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