Flash Fiction ~ One Perfect Shot

August 29th, 2012 by Theresa

‘One perfect shot,’  I thought, ‘ and I take my name and horse again.’

Taking calming a breath, I nudged Snowwind  into motion.

I practiced this move many times in my old village before their terrible raid.  Day, night, injured or blindfolded – the bull’s-eye was mine. It took a challenge to the Chieftain himself for the chance.

“I play for keeps, woman,” he snarled then. I smiled. I did too.

I didn’t hear the beat of Snowwind’s hoofs or the distracting cries from the hecklers.  I didn’t hear my own breath or heartbeat. There was only a slight rustle of my chemise as my body took over. Arms a blur, the arrow let fly.  Snowwind took his head and galloped around the arena again. I didn’t bother looking at the target. I knew hit it.

I came to myself as Snowwind slowed to rear at the Chieftain’s dais. I bowed my head as my horse knelt. He knew his training as well as I. All looked to Chief Vale for his final decision. He only had one choice.

“From this day on,” he intoned grimly, “You ride at my side, head of my archers. Snowwind is yours, Evony.”



As appeared on Menage Monday with Cara Michaels


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