Nice Touch – Flash Fiction

November 13th, 2012 by Theresa

Nettie looked up from her clipboard and surveyed the dinner party.  ‘This is it,’ she thought. ‘This is the event that put my business on the map.’

“Oh no, HE’s here!”  Her assistant Donna’s not so quiet voice reached her.  Panicked Nettie searched the crowd for her ex, Jake. She spotted him quickly – the only dressed out cowboy at a black tie event.   “He even brought the damn dog!” Donna exclaimed.

Nose flaring, Nettie made a beeline to Jake as he and his old Catahoula, Roscoe, schmoozed their way through the crowd. Before she could lay into Jake and his big blue eyes, her client Mr. Mathis intercepted her.

“This is the best event ever, Nettie!  We’ll definitely book you for all our functions in the future!  Nice touch with the cowboy! ”

Jake sidled up to her as Mr. Mathis left her agog. “You’re welcome,” he said grinning.

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