A Gift for a Gift ~ Flash Fiction

March 18th, 2013 by Theresa

King Jayson stormed through the castle.  Raw power dripped from him setting the dust and paintings afire.  Courtiers and minor nobility ran for their rooms.  Knights trailed in the King’s wake to soothe bruised egos of ignored dignitaries.  Chambermaids rushed to keep the flames at bay.

“Where is she?”  The King’s roar shook the foundation of the castle.  “Where is my wife?”

As the power rolled off him, the King’s least favorite tapestries burst into flames.  “Thania!”  His roar set off a sound wave breaking all the windows in the Queen’s Wing.  “Face me and answer for your actions!”

The soft tinkling of bells surrounded him.  Thania. The Queen emerged from her rooms to face her husband.  She curtsied low and stayed down.  Vanilla and amber scents filled the hall.  None let her gentle powers fool them.

“Arise,” Jayson said softly. While the power still rolled off him, all saw his demeanor change as she stood.  The Queen still that that effect on him.  “Why is it, my love,” he said through clenched teeth, “that four of my flying dragons are missing?  Are you waging war without me?  AGAIN?”

“They were small countries, my King,” The Queen said evenly.  “I thought them fitting as a gift for you to prepare for the birth of your progeny.”

The King’s power flared then subsided.  Kneeling before her, Jayson searched Thania’s face.  He stood smiling and kissed his wife thoroughly.  “A boy or girl?”

“Twins.”  Thania clarified softly.  Jayson fainted on the spot.


Honorable Mention

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