Don’t Struggle ~ Flash Fiction

August 31st, 2013 by Theresa

“Don’t struggle,” he whispered . “You’ll only make it worse.”  I felt something pointy stick in my back.

After five years on the run,  he’d finally caught me.  I shivered as he led me to his car.  As we neared the vehicle my stomach dropped. I wasn’t the first he’d caught tonight. Three other women looked up forlornly from the backseat, all bound and gagged.

“When are you ladies gonna learn?”  His gloating made my teeth itch. “I am smarter, faster and quieter then you will ever be.”

“Is that right?” I asked.  I hated him more that I was afraid. “Then we’re a perfect match.”

After all the training, counselling, and courses,  it was now or never.  Risking the knife, I spun around.

Wrist grab.

Knife drop.

Push body into car door.

Kidney punch.

Knee kick.

Damn it! He’s getting up!

He charged me and pushed me to the ground.   He wasn’t paying attention. I had the knife now.

I said nothing as I jammed the blade into his neck. Turning away from the spurting blood. I pushed his body off mine.  Digging for my phone I dialled 911.

“My name is Julie. I’ve been attacked.“

It was over.


As seen on Flash Fiction Friday with Sandra Bunino

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