Wake The World ~ Flash Fiction

November 27th, 2012 by Theresa

The squad of armed soldiers ghosted into the lab.  Dr. Zhung followed the team after they cleared the room.  She ran to the last functioning computer terminal. There had to be something here to tell them why the world went crazy overnight.

“Here!” She hissed to the team leader.  “I’ve got the last recording!” Quickly she played the video. While it started she downloaded the contents of every drive still connected to the terminal to her laptop. Eerily, the image of her late husband appeared on the screen. His voice chilled her to the bone.

“Project Goodnight has been taken over by Dr. Aubin.  I am fully against his involvement in this. He says he’s doing the right thing by weaponizing  my dream technology.  The fool.  Right now, I’m not so sure that testing it in mental hospitals and prisons across the globe was a good idea.  If you’re seeing this I’m dead. You either are my ex-wife or you know her.  I loved you Zee.  Download everything and fix this.  If none of the schematics make sense, there’s only one thing you should know. They’re dreaming Zee, awake and dreaming their worst nightmares. Wake them up.”

The video ended. Dr. Zhung felt tears fall then dashed them away.  “I’ve got it all,” she announced. “Let’s get back to base.”  None dared speak until they were in the van and safe.

“What’s the plan?” asked the squad leader softly.

“I wake the world,” she growled. “Time to rise and shine.”



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