Case Dismissed ~ Flash Fiction

April 25th, 2013 by Theresa

“Ready to make your statement?”

The prisoner sat up in his seat, chains jingling.  He wiped his split lip on his sleeve then spat a glob of bloody mucus to the floor.

“I’ll take that as a yes.  Prisoner 12432, please tell the court the events that contributed to the death of Renard Belgier and his associates?”

The prisoner leaned forward to the microphone clearing his throat.  “I was provoked.”

The courtroom became a hub of hushed conversations.  The Judge’s gavel banged a few times to regain control of the room. With a wave of the instrument, he prompted me to continue.

“Please, Prisoner 12432, explain? We all would like to know what happened.”

The prisoner’s dark  gaze shot through me. “I’ll tell what went down.  That damn vampire snatched me and my sister off the street. He drained Kelli before my eyes. His little pals? They chewed on the meat of my only kin to get every last drop of blood out. And as they let me watch, you know what they said? ‘Nothing personal, kid. We just needed a snack.’  The rage sang through my veins and I blacked out.”

“As you can see, Your Honor,” I continued turning back to the judge. “My client is a latent berserker. He’s no a threat to society – unprovoked, that is.”

The judge rolled his eyes. “Prisoner 12432,  now known as Ian Richmond,  we find you innocent of murder.  We reduce your sentence to time served. Case dismissed.”

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Have a Heart ~ Flash Fiction

April 1st, 2013 by Theresa

The doctor stood back from the gurney and smiled. He prayed that the procedure worked. As his patient awoke, he stifled his fidgeting.

“There we are, my dear boy!  Tell me Stanley, how are we feeling?”  The doctor checked his patient’s vital signs and skin temperature.  All were in normal range. So far so good.

“I feel strange, sir.”  Stanley blinked and swallowed. “Could you please tell me again what this operation was for?”

“Why to give you a heart!” The doctor laughed.  “Tell me how do you feel?’

“Sir?, This heart, what good does it do?”  Stanley sat up finally and swung his legs over the side of the bed. He looked at the doctor and blinked.  He hunched over in his usual position.

The doctor gave a sigh.  “Do you remember, that woman you asked about some time ago?  The one with the red hair?”

Stanley sat up straight. Eyes wide he smiled. “She’s here? Where? How long will she stay? Do you know her name?”

The doctor kept his grin in check.  “She’ll be here for a while yet. Why don’t you get dressed?  She’s just down in the lounge.” The doctor helped his patient get dressed and ushered him to the door. “Now remember, her name is Stella.” He patted Stanley on the back and set him on his way.

“Thank you Dr. Frankenstein!”  Stanley called as he sprinted down the hall.

The doctor smiled and waved. “Yes, I think that heart is working just fine.”


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Don’t Miss ~ Flash Fiction

March 25th, 2013 by Theresa

“I don’t think so!” Julia snatched her purse from the security guard at the doors of the capital building.  Desperation seeped through her mind.  The job had to get done tonight. If not, the werewolves holding her sister captive would have Cindy for dinner, literally.  “I will not submit to this indignity!”

“Ma’am?” The guard said trying to placate her. “It’s standard procedure. Everyone gets searched for weapons.” He tried to smile gesturing for her purse.

“I will not stand here and get felt up by your goons like I’m common thug!”   She prayed that the guard would dismiss her as too much trouble to deal with.

“I see,” said the guard. “Won’t you step this way behind the screen, then?” Julia’s heart sank. Still she stalked over to the screened area. Once there, she glared at the man.  “Now. What’s in the bag?”

“It’s uh…personal,” she hedged.

“Got  five sisters.  Nothing shocks me.  So, really, what’s in the bag?”

Shoulders sagging she set down the purse. The guard walked over to it and looked inside. Cindy was dead now.  No way that the guard would let her in with a wooden stake meant for the feebly insane vampire Mayor.

The guard looked in the purse then back to Julia with a frown.  “Thank you for your cooperation, ma’am,” he said loudly.  He held out her purse and smiled.  Julia snatched it back. “The Mayor will be in his office alone for the next twenty minutes,” he whispered. “Don’t miss.”


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A Gift for a Gift ~ Flash Fiction

March 18th, 2013 by Theresa

King Jayson stormed through the castle.  Raw power dripped from him setting the dust and paintings afire.  Courtiers and minor nobility ran for their rooms.  Knights trailed in the King’s wake to soothe bruised egos of ignored dignitaries.  Chambermaids rushed to keep the flames at bay.

“Where is she?”  The King’s roar shook the foundation of the castle.  “Where is my wife?”

As the power rolled off him, the King’s least favorite tapestries burst into flames.  “Thania!”  His roar set off a sound wave breaking all the windows in the Queen’s Wing.  “Face me and answer for your actions!”

The soft tinkling of bells surrounded him.  Thania. The Queen emerged from her rooms to face her husband.  She curtsied low and stayed down.  Vanilla and amber scents filled the hall.  None let her gentle powers fool them.

“Arise,” Jayson said softly. While the power still rolled off him, all saw his demeanor change as she stood.  The Queen still that that effect on him.  “Why is it, my love,” he said through clenched teeth, “that four of my flying dragons are missing?  Are you waging war without me?  AGAIN?”

“They were small countries, my King,” The Queen said evenly.  “I thought them fitting as a gift for you to prepare for the birth of your progeny.”

The King’s power flared then subsided.  Kneeling before her, Jayson searched Thania’s face.  He stood smiling and kissed his wife thoroughly.  “A boy or girl?”

“Twins.”  Thania clarified softly.  Jayson fainted on the spot.


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